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About us

Lawn Tennis Club Kralingen, founded in 1978, is a thriving tennis club playing at Tennispark Kralingen. This large tennis accommodation in the heart of district Kralingen Rotterdam, has 16 clay courts. Throughout the season (April-November), LTC Kralingen rents seven courts on weekdays and six courts in the weekend. A private owner manages the accommodation, the courts and the clubhouse. Volunteering club members take care of the organisation of the club and its activities.

LTC Kralingen is well-known for being an open and social club where people like to enjoy playing tennis and meet (new) friends. The majority of the members is between 20 and 45 years of age, though we have a growing number of youth players as well. LTC Kralingen members play at different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced level. In recent years, the club has grown from 300 to 550 members at this moment.  

During the entire week, members can practice and play (for free) with other members on the specific courts rented by the club (see our court schedule).

Each Thursday night we have a club night; a nice opportunity to meet other members and play a few half-hour matches. Furthermore, we organize several events such as a family tournament, club championships and social events. We also have various teams playing in the competition organized by the Dutch tennis association (KNLTB) each spring and each autumn.

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